Day Camps

We now offer day camps for wakesurfing on Tuesdays & Thursdays

Each session will include two 20-25 minute sets and 3-4 hours on the boat watching and learning from other riders and the coaches as they take a turn in the rotation. We call this a "ride along". The student will be exposed to all aspects of wakesurfing, including driving techniques and safety on a wakesurf boat. 

Morning 8am-noon

Afternoon 1pm-5pm

130.00 per session

Full Day
Each session will include a minimum of three 20-25 minute sets. Lunch will be provided. As with the half day session this will be a "ride along" and the student will be put into the surf rotation.This is a great chance to see the coaches hone their skills and learn from other riders as well.

8am - 5pm

200.00 per session

These camps are for kids and adults looking to get the most out of their wakesurf experience.

Call today to reserve your session