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2015 Centurion Enzo SV244
Loaded with all new features for 2015 the new Enzo SV244 is comepletely redesigned from bow to stern. New features include the Maximus Tower, Centurion Downfire audio system with LEDs, flip-up stadium seating and so much more! Optional RAMFILL ballast system provides you with the largest capacity tanks and the quickest filling system possible. This is pure displacement and the SV244 is one of the most versatile wake boats with clean, professional wakes coupled with a World Wake Surfing Championship wave on both sides of the boat. The CATS system is back and provides an unprecendented level of ajustability in your wave shape, size and control of your boat. There is no substitute, and these are the most advanced wake sports boats available.
The Maximus tower has an integrated swimming light, dome lights, bimini with surfboard sleeves up top, and comes with an assist system to quickly lower and raise the tower.
The Enzo SV 244 is the boat of choice for professional athletes, Jimmi Sparling, Caroline Villeneuve, and Taylor Dorey.

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